Swimming pool equipment

It is possible to equip the swimming pool according to any taste and capabilities. In order to ensure normal operation of the swimming pool, first of all a basic equipment is required for the water surface pumping, filtration, heating and recycling. The quartz sand filters are most effective for the pool water filtering. Those are economic, since they do not require to replace the filtering element too frequently. The filtration pumps are equipped with the coarse filter or primary filter. It is necessary to protect the pump turbine from penetration of the foreign objects.

The SIA „AQUA SAN”, LLC offers different basic equipment by popular manufacturers: ASTRAL, KRIPSOL, FITSTAR etc. Besides the basic equipment, the swimming pool can be equipped with underwater lighting, different underwater massage equipment, cascades. We offer counter flows of different types, which will make it possible to make swimming even in a small pool similar to that in a large sports swimming pool.