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Properties of the Alkorplan 2000

- resistant against rupture, aging as well as the impact of the weather conditions

- long-lasting and resistant against the UV radiation paint

- possibility to use on all types of supports

- elastic, resistant against deformations

- suppresses formation of bacteria

- resistant against the natural coloration impact, for example, leaves or grease

- contains no cadmium

- easy to clean

Alkorplan 2000 is a PVC foil, which is manufactured by smoothing. It can be used for decoration of a pool of any shape and size. This material can be applied for decoration of the internal surface of the indoor and outdoor, public and private, new and in the good state of repair pool. Thanks to the Alkorplan 2000 you can count on an easy maintenance of the pool and stable lasting sealing properties of this product. Due to the specific composition, special 1.5mm thick protective layer and improved texture, the Alkorplan 2000, unlike the other materials, can stand the time test.

Baseina apdare

The Alkorplan 2000 consists of two thermally fixed PCV surfaces with the cardboard reinforcement separator between those. This way the extraordinarily endurable 1.5mm thick covering is made. Surface of the Alkorplan covered with the acrylic protective layer, which makes the material extremely resistant against the exposure to the atmosphere and prevents from seaweeds and sedimentation of other contamination.

Baseina apdare ar Alkorplan


Baseina apdare ar Alkorplan


The mosaic tile is a traditional decoration material for internal surfaces of the swimming pools. Applying the tiles, it should be possible to satisfy the highest esthetic demands and create various patterns, ornaments as well as the interesting color transitions.

However when applying the mosaic tiles one should consider the higher material and installation expenses. Special attention should be drawn to the designing, concreting, reinforcement and waterproofing of the swimming pool bowl.

One also should take into account that comparing to the PVC foil decoration, the tiles require more intense maintenance. It is necessary to empty the pool from time to time and treat the seams with the ant-seaweed agents.

Baseina mozaīkflīzes


Baseina mozaīkflīzes